Affirmative Action Policy


Affirmative Action Policy

Tata Teleservices believes that for accelerating growth and competitiveness in the rapidly developing economy, organizations must promote and expand income-generation opportunities for all sections of society. Within this framework, Tata Teleservices Limited commits to Affirmative Action for social equity for the disadvantaged sections of the society in the workplace.

TTL recognizes that diversity in the workplace positively impacts business. For the socially-disadvantaged, the company takes steps to create equal employment opportunities.

TTL also undertakes initiatives to increase the employability / income-generation potential for the socially-disadvantaged communities.

TTL will encourage development of business entrepreneurship from members of the socially-disadvantaged communities through their participation in the company’s distribution channels and other business arenas on the basis of equal merit.

TTL will undertake to provide scholarship and help materially and through various other initiatives like voluntary coaching, mentoring of meritorious and deserving students across the country. Affirmative action initiatives will conform to the Corporate Sustainability objectives of TTL and aim at developing the disadvantaged sections of society.

TTL regularly reports progress on Affirmative Actions in its Annual Report.