Corporate Sustainability


Corporate Sustainability

Throughout its history, TATA group has nurtured policies and projects that reflect a conviction that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem - employees, business partners, local communities and the environment. To us, Sustainability is not optional but an ethical imperative. Sustainability considerations are embedded across our business value chain.

Inclusion of climate change aspects into Tata Code of Conduct (TCoC) and TATA Business Excellence Model (TBEM) demonstrates the significance of the subject for the company.

At Tata Teleservices we apply our knowledge, solutions and innovation to empower people, business and society to help shape a more sustainable world. Our connectivity & Collaboration solutions through the use of mobile communication and broadband enable our customers & society at large address - climate change, education, health and humanitarian issues. Mobile communication has matured as a life management tool, empowering every individual to progress.

Our sustainability focus is on environmental and social aspects and extends beyond financial goals and legal requirements.

Tata Teleservices Sustainability Pillars & Focus Area:

Environmental Sustainability:
Across our business operations covering telecom network, offices, product and service offerings, our key environmental focus areas are:

  1. Carbon Footprint
  2. Concern on Electromagnetic Radiation
  3. Waste Reduction

New technology & improving operational efficiency are the predominant levers used. These aspects are as relevant to our business as they are to us individuals and to the community at large - who we serve.

Social Sustainability:
Our key focus areas on social aspects are:

  • Work-force cultural diversity
  • Employability through volunteering
  • Occupational Health & safety
  • Disaster management support
  • Sustainability in Value Chain

Sustainability Governing Council at Tata Teleservices:
A 4 layer organizational structure for Sustainability ensures right direction and effective implementation. It is chaired by the CSR Board Committee and the Working Group comprises of representatives from functions relating to the main pillars of sustainable development. Unique ‘theme-hub’ concept ensures focus around business priority areas while Prakriti clubs at each location evangelize employee participation & culture building.

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