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Picture Gallery

Tata Volunteering Week 5, March 2015 - Gurgaon


SARTHAK works in the area of rehabilitation and skill building of people with disabilities. A session was conducted on the importance of teamwork for the students enrolled in SARTHAK.

Tata Volunteering Week 5, March, 2015 – Delhi

Community Walk

Volunteers from TTL participated in a Community Walk from Select City Walk Mall to Khirki Extension (Swechha India) with an objective to create awareness on 3R’s (Reduce-Reuse & Recycle). During this activity, the volunteers learnt to recycle the waste created from their houses, such as plastic bottles, alcohol bottles, Mugs, woods and tyres etc by using it in their gardens.

Tata Volunteering Week 5, March, 2015 – Mumbai

National Association for Blind (NAB)

NAB works for the welfare of children with visual disability and their activities range from blindness prevention, Braille press, rehabilitations, vocational training for the blind, employment services, education to book reading etc. Volunteers from the Mumbai circle volunteered with the National Association for Blind - Sir Jamshedji Duggan Braille Press located at Worli Seaface. The team supported in Braille book binding.

Tata Volunteering Week 5, March, 2015 – Chennai and Noida

NIIT Foundation works in the areas of education, vocational skill building and improving employability at the grassroot level for youth from the economically and socially weaker sections of society. They have built sustainable training intervention models and strive to provide employment for the students completing certifications from their centers. Volunteers organized sessions on Cyber crime, effective usage of google and Interview skills. The sessions were interactive in nature and the students benefitted greatly from the information shared.

Tata Volunteering Week 4, March, 2015 – Delhi

Blind Relief Association, Delhi (BRAD)

BRAD is an NGO serving people with visual disability. The Association is providing quality school education and conducting training programmes to prepare teachers for teaching students with visual disability; running a range of vocational training courses in light engineering and other industrial trades; imparting training in diverse skills like book binding and paper craft, tailoring etc; besides conducting computer literacy training programmes.

Volunteers from TTL supported them with painting of diyas and making paper bags which will be displayed and sold during their upcoming Diwali Bazar, a week ahead of Diwali. Diwali Bazar is a major source of income for BRAD. The income generated supports education and provides livelihood to individuals with visual disability.

Tata Volunteering Week 4, March, 2015 – Delhi

Viklang Sahara Samiti, Delhi (VSSD)

VSSD has been working for the welfare and education of youth from the economically weaker sections of society and individuals with disability since 1994. The students at their centres are enrolled from local communities for courses like computer training, stitching, typing etc. and have very less exposure to the competitive world outside. Volunteers conducted a session on interview skills and personality development for the students.

Tata Volunteering Week 4, March, 2015 – Hyderabad

ZPHS Girls high school, Thukkuguda

The volunteering team conducted a session on child abuse and safety for children of 6th, 7th and 8th standard by playing videos and made children aware of how to stay safe. In addition, a session on career guidance was also conducted that highlighted the importance of education to the children of 9th and 10th standard.

Tata Volunteering Week 4, March, 2015 – Kolkata

Icche Dana

Ichhe Dana works in the area of imparting special classes in English, Science, Maths etc. for students of slum dwellers after school hours. A session on child safety for both boys and girls was conducted by the volunteers.