Diversity & inclusivity are the twin strands that make our fabric rich and strong

Tata group respect the uniqueness of each individual employee. The diversity and inclusion culture across Tata Teleservices enables employees to achieve their full potential without being discriminated on the basis of factors such as religion, age, gender, ethnicity, race, and physical and mental ability. Diversity is a key pillar of our growth and there are various initiatives the group is driving to propagate inclusive growth and diversity

Gender diversity is the initial area focus for us. Tata Teleservices firmly believes in equal opportunity for women in the workforce and, to that end, aids and abets women to come forward and contribute to the company and their individual growth.

TTL provides special facilities to its women workforce across India:

a. Tata Second Career Internship Programme for Women (SCIP)
The Tata Second Career Internship Programme is a career transition management programme for women professionals who have taken a break from their careers for personal reasons, and wish to restart their career in the corporate world. The programme provides opportunities for such women to take on flexi-hour assignments with various Tata group companies.

b. Prevention and Redressal of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Policy

The policy provides clear guidelines and direction in case of any reported incidence of sexual harassment across Tata Teleservices offices. It outlines a code of conduct which every employee has to be aware of and strictly abide by it and the policy is gender agnostic to that extent. Applicable to all employees of Tata Teleservices, the policy clearly outlines inquiry and redressal processes.

c. 6+6 Maternity leave policy
Tata Teleservices’s 6+6 maternity leave policy enables new mothers multiple benefits